Bought By Many

Sweep & Friends

TV ads for a superstar startup

Common Industry has helped Bought By Many on their journey to become insurtech superstars.

We provide full service brand strategy, corporate comms and B2C PR for the business. When they came to us wanting to launch a new product range for pets, we knew the digitally driven business needed to build its brand via a new channel… TV.

We created a high volume TV strategy that enabled the brand to have maximum exposure to its audience of ABC1 women.

But we needed iconic creative and a character that would catch the attention of our audience during a daytime TV nightmare of detergent ads.

Enter Sweep, the daredevil dog with iconic recognisability. We worked with top Director Toby Dye via Ridley Scott Associates to create a series of kitsch 80s ads and multiple online video assets.

Always work with puppets and animals.