Raising £1.6M for Primo

The Challenge

Kickstarter has hosted over 125,000 successful projects. Only 225 raised over $1m. We created one of them.

Our Solution

Cubetto, a small wooden robot, teaches young kids to code without using a screen. For anyone over the age of 12 that is startling, for anyone under that it is a basic start to life.

To launch Cubetto globally, Primo wanted to use Kickstarter to not only raise funds but also as a platform to raise awareness. We set about creating the marketing strategy and video content for the campaign.

PR | Kickstarter Campaign Building | Video Production 

The Results

The Kickstarter aimed to raise $100k, a big number in EdTech, but not as big as the final $1.6m we secured, smashing the previous record.

We secured over 200 pieces of global press coverage including Time, FastCo, Wired, Sky TV, The Verge…

Sabre Gold

Consumer Electronics

D&AD Impact Silver



Best Integrated Campaign