Fairer Funding Now

The Challenge

Fundraising is one of the most challenging and important processes that any startup will go through. For some founders, that process can be made even more challenging because of their gender, race or background.

Huckletree wants to change that. We partnered with the co-working company to launch Fairer Funding Now, a campaign aiming to raise awareness of the lack of equality in startup investment and to initiate change.

Our Solution

We spoke with over 200 startup founders across the UK and Ireland, asking about their personal views and experiences of the fundraising process. The findings were shocking, revealing that 28% of female founders had faced discrimination in the fundraising process, while just 17% of black startup leaders believe equal opportunities exist, regardless of race or background.

We created a punchy campaign film to launch Fairer Funding Now, featuring startup leaders and business experts talking about their own experiences and what solutions need to consider.

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The Results

Industry peers and the media rallied behind our campaign.

Coverage included Sky News, BBC News, Evening Standard, Forbes, Telegraph and the Irish Times.