Elle UK

More Women At The Top

Every year Common Industry collaborates with ELLE UK and Anomaly’s Alex Holder on the magazine’s annual feminism campaign.

In year one we made a campaign about the Pay Gap that was endorsed by the Prime Minister. Most recently we created #morewomen, a campaign to expose how few women there are in the most senior position in politics, society and business.

The problem we faced wasn’t that people in the media didn’t believe in the wider issue, they just couldn’t share another media outlet’s content.

We needed something sharable, attention grabbing, global, but also ownable for ELLE. Something that the media – and public – couldn’t ignore.

The campaign focus was a short film that simply removed the men from famous institutions and cultural events: The United Nations, The Royal Family, British Parliament, The Situation Room, Question Time…

Not only did the film get over 1.1m views on YouTube – with no ad spend – and 8m shares, it also generated millions and millions of views across the globe on NBC, CNN, ITN, The Guardian and many more.

And the work won us a D&AD pencil.