The State of Meetings Report

The Challenge

Most of us are aware of Doodle polls. With a 200m strong user base, many of us will have been to a social event arranged on the platform.

But a serious tool for business?

Containing opinion from over 5,500 industry professionals, several academics and using data from 19m meetings organised through Doodle, The Doodle State of Meetings Report offered busy professionals and journalists a bold and clear insight into the time and money wasted in poor meetings around the world – an astonishing $541bn across 24bn hours every year.

Our Solution

We designed and built an interactive microsite to display the results in an easily digestible and shareable way – and it became a go-to tool for a community of efficiency experts.

Picking out multiple angles for press, we generated 56 pieces of top tier coverage, with a reach of over 227 million, including hitting every title in the CMO’s hit-list including Wall Street Journal, Tech Crunch, Forbes and Inc (5 times), as well as the business sections of national papers like the Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail.

The level of detail and insight contained in the report has resulted in it’s inclusion in two books on meetings, a dedicated analysis in Harvard Business Review and to our findings being used regularly in press and social conversations, planting Doodle firmly in the centre of discussions as the leading provider of scheduling software.

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The Results

The campaign has helped Doodle’s new model grow over 250% since launch, still enjoying month-over-month growth of 10%.


Total reach of editorial coverage


Total reach of social media coverage