Inspiring the Next Creative Generation

The Challenge

The creative industry has a diversity problem and D&AD is on a mission to change this.

D&AD believes that our industry will only continue to make great work if the people creating it reflect the diverse and vibrant makeup of our society.

We helped the D&AD launch its industry-leading SHIFT programme, which aims to engage young BAME people and those who haven’t gone down traditional educational routes – and show them the different career paths available to them in the sector.

Our Solution

We knew our target audience couldn’t be easily reached through traditional press, so we developed an influencer-led strategy – partnering with five key ambassadors to talk about the SHIFT programme on our behalf.

PR | Social | Brand Strategy | Influence 

The Results

The campaign reached over 800,000 people in our specific target demographic, which saw the SHIFT programme 120% oversubscribed in its first year.

D&AD is now expanding the initiative into other countries to continue its fight for greater inclusivity in the creative industries.